Candied Oranges

‘Candied Oranges’ are translucent fruit slices that have been caramelised in thick sugar syrup and are bursting with flavour! They are a reminder of Christmas flavours and are perfect as a treat on their own or even when added to other sweets!

‘Purument karun davarap’ (to preserve) is an important pre-monsoon ritual in Goa. Special markets called ‘Purumentache fest’ are often hosted in the month of May. ‘Goykars’ (Goans) make the most of the preserved produce available at the colourful stalls. A variety of spice powders, pickles, salted & sun-dried fish, ‘vadyo’ or sun-dried vegetable fritters, jams, candies, ‘saath’ or homemade fruit roll-ups and so much more are a part of the typical market displays!

Even at home, preservation of precious ingredients is an important part of Goan culture. That’s what inspired us to caramelise these fresh orange slices! We usually serve the candied orange slices with our Lemon Drizzle Cake. But for a quick and indulgent treat, we suggest dipping half of each candied orange slice in melted chocolate; easy yet delicious!

Candied Oranges Recipe

Candied Fruit Recipe


  • 3 large Oranges
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 3/4 cup Water


Wash the oranges thoroughly to get rid of any waxy residue on their surface. Thinly slice off the top and bottom of each orange and discard. Slice the rest of the orange into circles, each about 1/4 of an inch in thickness. Place the orange slices in a large, deep vessel.

Pour boiling water over the orange slices and let the slices soak for five minutes. This process helps to get rid of the inherent bitter taste of the fruit rind. After five minutes, discard the water and keep the orange slices aside.

In the same vessel, add sugar and water and place over medium heat. Stir to dissolve the sugar completely and then add the orange slices. Pour hot water into the vessel, just enough to submerge the orange slices. When the syrup begins to bubble around the orange slices, lower the flame and allow the mixture to simmer for an hour and a half.

After an hour and a half, the orange slices would have softened and turned translucent. The sugar syrup would have reduced and thickened. At this point, preheat the oven to 200*C/ *F/ Gas Mark 5.

Take the vessel off the flame and carefully transfer the orange slices to a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Place the baking tray in the oven and allow the orange slices to caramelise for 20-25 minutes. The orange slices will bubble and darken while in the oven.

Take the baking tray out of the oven and let the orange slices cool completely. Once cooled, the candied orange slices can be transferred to an airtight container. They keep well in the refrigerator for at least 15 days. The candied fruit can be used as a snack or as an ingredient in another recipe.

Recipe Notes:

We’ve used two varieties of oranges for our candied oranges recipe- Nav3l Oranges and Blood Oranges. You can use any variety of orange that you prefer.

To store the candied oranges longer, freeze the caramelised orange slices in a sealable plastic bag. They will last for up to a month.

Any excess sugar syrup from having cooked the orange slices can be poured into moulds and turned into orange sugar candy!

Candied Orange






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